Guerrilla Painter Prochade Box Review

I have two Guerrilla Painter Prochade boxes that I use almost weekly.

The 5X7" Guerrilla Painter Prochade box is great for quick studies and is ideal when I am not able to haul a larger box along with me.  I have had this box for nearly 10 years and have used it to paint over 100 paintings.  This is a well-built box that is made to last.  This box is almost always with me and has afforded me the opportunity to capture many scenes that I would not have otherwise been prepared to paint.  This box does not come with a tripod mounting plate however does have a hole for your thumb.  The outside dimensions of the box are 3.25" X 8" X 6".  Note: The width including the knob is 9.5".

The 8X10" Guerrilla Painter Prochade box is my go-to box when I am not as constrained for time or space.  The 8X10" box comes with a tripod mounting plate installed on the bottom.  The outside dimensions of the box are 3.25" X 11.25" X 9.25".  Note: The width including the knob is 12.5".

I am able to fit either one of these in my laptop bag.  The 5X7" is an easier fit, however I have taken the 8X10" on several occasions including air travel.  Having the ability to fit one of these inside a bag you are planning to bring anyway is really nice; it eliminates the need to pay for extra luggage and really leaves no excuse for not bringing provisions to paint.

 Keith Magner's 8X10" Guerrilla Painter Prochade Box 

These boxes are almost identical in design.  The lid opens away from you and holds your panels securely when closed.  You can fit three 1/8" thick Centurian OP DLX linen panels in either box and can store two wet paintings alone back-to-back for transport.  The palette acts as a divider to keep the contents of the box off of your painting when the lid is closed.  The palette slides open to the left exposing storage compartments to contain your paints, brushes, palette knives and mediums etc.

Keith Magner 8X10 Guerrilla Painter Prochade Box

You can close the lid with a reasonable amount of (out of the tube) paint on your palette without concern of it making its way onto your canvas; as long as you have not thinned it with too much medium.  This allows for multiple days of painting without having to reload your palette each session.

Guerrilla Painter sells short brushes that fit nicely in the boxes; they are very durable stiff natural bristle brushes.  I still have the original brushes that I purchased 10 years ago.  It is also easy to cut your favorite style brushes to fit.  There are many accessories available, including the famous shade buddy umbrella which is a favorite of mine as well.

I hope you found this review helpful.  If you purchase through one of the links on this page, I do get a small commission and appreciate your support of my efforts to provide this review.  Happy Painting!