Keith Magner

Keith painting in Waterton National Park, Alberta, CA  See available paintings for marine paintings, coastal paintings, plein air paintings and landscape paintings. Shop local for wall art direct from the artist to enrich your home or office or as a unique gift
      At an early age Keith Magner was initially attracted to and studied sculpture where he gained an appreciation of light and mass.  An avid outdoorsman, Keith was drawn to plein air painting; allowing him to capture the energy in the scenes presented to him in nature.  Many of Keith’s studio pieces are grounded in plein air works that capture the essence that he is then able to express in larger scale.
      Keith developed his skills studying at the University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School in the summers through high school followed by studies at Alfred University’s School of Art & Design.  He is an Elected Artist Member of the Salmagundi Club in NYC and Art Place in Fairfield.  Keith’s work is presented in juried art shows at a national and state level.
      Residing in Fairfield, Connecticut, with his family, he enjoys the close proximity of the coastal estuaries, harbors, and communities that inspire his work.  Keith states “I strive to create work that radiates the beauty that surrounds us.  Art allows me to unplug and immerse myself in my surroundings.”  It is this passion for art that has kept Keith engaged in painting throughout his career in the interactive advertising industry.
      Keith also holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems as well as an MBA.